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Blaming a friend for this, oh yes I am.

FFXIV RP stuff.

N'anolia's Letter )
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FINALLY. Augh. *collapses in heap of Yay I Finished*

Summer fic challenge - #5 - Dully )
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Oddly poetic. I blame antihistamines.

Summer fic challenge - #4 - Bright )
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God damn this one took forever.

Summer fic challenge - #3 - Take )
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This isn't for the summer challenge, but [personal profile] branewurms inspired me and I may actually have to completely novel this idea.

For now, a prologue.

The Bone Thieves )
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I stared at this bugger for days, really I did. And then I bashed out a good 75% of it in like 15 minutes on the way home from an appointment.


Summer fic challenge - #2 - Scent )
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Yep. At it again this year. Have to admit I had trouble finding a fandom, though...and then Brave Exvius came out and god damn it it's eating my soul. Why. WHY.

Ahem. So. Yeah.

Summer fic challenge - #1 - Pink lady )
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I...actually finished this a couple days ago (and am hence DONE!), but I completely forgot to post it here. Derp.

This is the only one that doesn't imply anything romantic or otherwise pair-y. Fanaticism, however, is smegging terrifying.

Zephirin's POV. Heavensward spoilers sort of abound here. Terribly sorry.

(Had to swap the original prompt - it was "pull". Couldn't do a thing with it.)

Summer fic challenge - #3 - Wave )
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Out of order again. Actually prompt 5.

Porn, porn, glorious porn. Gotta admit, I love the thought of Lucia dominating Aymeric. A lot. Mngh.

Summer fic challenge - #5 - Lightly )
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Prompt 4, despite the title. Order? What is order?

(I just wanted some Zephirin/Aymeric porn, shut up.)

Summer fic challenge - #4 - Undone )
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I'm challenging myself to do these in order. Augh that's actually kinda tough.

Summer fic challenge - #2 - Clock )
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Yep. I'm doing that thar fic challenge again.

I swear, every time I want to write something short, it rebels against me.

Summer fic challenge - #1 - Ruby red )
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...Shut up I've been looking for an excuse to write something involving Thancred and my FFXIV character.

So I did. And it got long. Holy shit, why the plotbunnies run wild?

Thancred/C'taqa, "You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you."

Yet at the same time, it is a weakness. As it is now. )
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Oh my god why does my porn always find a plot and then become like ten times as long as I expected it to be. Good grief, porn.

That said, I'm quite proud of this...

I wanted Kinshirou and Atsushi porn. And then I decided I wanted transformed Kinshirou and Atsushi porn. And then I threw a lot of canon rules out the figurative window and actually wrote the thing, because goddammit, nothing is going to stop me from having my magical boy smut, even the canonical facts that they can't actually undress while transformed and their voices are also scrambled by the mosaic cloaking technology. Pfah, don't need those rules.

Also, the ending. I couldn't resist.

It felt...good. It felt warm, and satisfying, and so godsbedamned right. )
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Yumoto/Rui, "I'm pregnant."

(yes again and I had equally as much fun on this one as the last one)

Rui just stared at him in disbelief, dropping the book, trying to convince himself he hadn't heard that. )
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Arumat/Crowe, writer's preference

He feels warm, and that warmth is an infinite, unshakable sadness. )
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Zeno/Echo, "I'm pregnant."

(yes I had fun with this one)

Zeno blinked again, then did the only reasonable thing he could do at that moment: he fainted. )
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Sephiroth/Zack, "You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes."

Well, he did what anyone else would do in that situation, really. )
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Haseo/Azure Kite, "Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?"

It takes him a moment to puzzle it out, and he's startled when he does. )


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